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10 Feb 2015

Eight Martinis Remote Viewing magazine – Issue 12 Out Now!

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Issue12-eight martinis magazineEight Martinis – Remote Viewing magazine is now in its 12 issue (Jan 2015). Available as a free download (pdf) or as a full color printed magazine (printed to order). This issue is packed with great insights, Remote Viewing examples and articles on a large range of Remote Viewing and ESP topics.

This issue concentrates on some of the key people wihtin Remote Viewing and is packed with 92 pages.

It contains the following:

  • An interview with Alexis Champion
  • An interview with Angela T. Smith
  • An interview with Coleen Marenich
  • DIA FOIA document request Letter – John Greenwald (
  • An interview with Courtney Brown
  • An interview with David Morehouse
  • An interview with Debra Lynn Katz
  • An interview with Dick Allgire
  • An interview with Lyn Buchanan
  • An interview with Lori Williams
  • An interview with Marty Rosenblatt
  • An interview with Pam Coronado
  • An interview with Stephan A. Schwartz
  • An interview with Russell Targ
  • Remote Viewing Japan Air Lines flight 1628 – Tunde Atunrase

We hope you enjoy this Issue and feel free to email us with and comments & feedback.

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