What is an "eight-martini" result?  Well, this is an intelligence community in-house term for remote viewing data so good thatit cracks everyone's realities.  So they have to go out and drink eightmartinis to recover.

eight martinis issue 2 - July 2009


Please note: Issue 2 also now comes in a full color printed glossy magazine. You only pay for a personal copy to be printed (we make no profit) and for it to be delivered to the United States, Canada and the U.K. only. By credit card or paypal.

Issue: 2 contains the following articles:

  • p-Teleportation
  • CRV: Identifying accuracy during a session
  • Remote Viewing from the Perspective of “Embodied Mind” Part 2
  • The Missing - Remote Viewers and law enforcement working together
  • Ethics in C/RV - part2
  • A Neuropsychological approach to the study of Psi
  • Do you know RV? - Crossword - answers
  • Arson - psychic manhunt for an arsonist
  • Remote viewing outcomes for fun & profit
  • Remote Viewing websites & blogs


Eight martinis - remote viewing magazine - issue2
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Articles and Authors...

We are always looking for further content for upcoming issues so if you have any Remote Viewing examples, stories and projects where you can share the application use of Remote Viewing then please contact me here.

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