What is an "eight-martini" result?  Well, this is an intelligence community in-house term for remote viewing data so good thatit cracks everyone's realities.  So they have to go out and drink eightmartinis to recover.

eight martinis issue 4 - August 2010


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Issue 4 contains the following articles:

  • Remote Viewing - hey guys what are we talking about?
  • Remote Viewing for skeptics - or the hazzard of pulling tricks.
  • My experiences with telepathy and clairvoyance before they were called Remote Viewing.
  • Quantum Consciousness, the way to reconcile Science & Spirituality.
  • Trailmarkers in the forest - results from two
    team ARV trials.
  • CRV & operational certification training - A comment on training.
  • IRVA Conference 2010 - Observations.
  • Free will in a precognitive predetermined world.
  • Ten things absolutely guaranteed to make you a better Psychic, Remote Viewer.
  • The 1973 Remote Viewing probe of the planet Jupiter.
  • Documented - The SRI Magnetometer experiments.
  • Remote Viewing websites & blogs.

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Articles and Authors...

We are always looking for further content for upcoming issues so if you have any Remote Viewing examples, stories and projects where you can share the application use of Remote Viewing then please contact me here.
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