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eight Martinis Magazine Issue 19 November 2022"What is an "eight-martini" result?

Well, this is an intelligence community in-house term for remote viewing data so good that it cracks everyone's realities. So they have to go out and drink eight martinis to recover".
- Ingo Swann

Eight martini's is a magazine dedicated to the pursuit and the application of the Art of Remote Viewing. Each Issue we present RV sessions & RV examples, projects, news and theories from some of the leading practitioners and thinkers.

Eight martinis has just released its seventeenth issue, spanning over ten years of news, examples of RV, papers, theories and articles from some of the top practitioners in the field.

The magazine currently comes in two formats; a FREE download as an Adobe pdf file and as a Full colour printed on demand and delivered to your door - magazine.

Click here for a full introduction to remote viewing and many remote viewing resources:
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eight Martinis Magazine Issue 19 November 2022
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