8 martinis – issue 8

eight-martinis-issue8Eight Martinis – Remote Viewing magazine is now in its eighth issue. Available as a free download (pdf) or as a full colour printed magazine. This issue is packed with great insights, examples and articles on  a range of remote viewing topics, including:

  • An Entangled Net – The Denver DJ Murder Case. – Angela Thompson Smith, Ph.D.
  •  The Paradox of Predictive Viewing. – Lyn Buchanan
  •  Celebrating 40 Years of Remote Viewing: International Remote Viewing Association Conference 2012. – Lorrie Kazan
  •  For the Remote Viewing Record – Daz Smith
  •  The PEAR Experiment – William F Higgins
  •  Classic Ingo Swann – Statement on Remote Viewing (Dec ‘95) – Ingo Swann
  •  Precognitive Telepathy, Emotion, and Displacement. – Marty Rosenblatt
  •  Controlled Remote Viewing and Era III Medicine – Teresa L. Frisch, RN
  •  Remote Viewing Consciousness Targets – Stefan Franke & Benny Pamp
  •  RV Notice Board
  •  Remote Viewing Contacts/Websites

We hope you enjoy this Issue and feel free to email us with and comments & feedback.

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