Eight Martinis – Issue 18 – Penetration – Beyond Limitations


Penetration – Beyond Limitations.

Issue 18 – November 2021.

A long time in production due to COVID. This started out as a project to collect Moon and Mars RV project work. But although I know it exists in the community the submissions were not enough to create a magazine in full. At the same time Daz was researching the UWG Ingo Swann archives and came across a few little known off world and ET/UAP related projects – and this then  became the focus of this current issue.

This issue features reprints of seminal articles by Ingo Swann from 1992 and 1993. These are on the topics of Remote Viewing and ET’s UAP’s.

It also includes a background article by Daz Smith which supplies research to a project that until now has remained unpublished. This includes a full Remote Viewing transcript with Ingo Swann as the Remote Viewer as he goes back to the Moon in 1999, over twenty years after his previous explorations for the ‘Penetration’ Book – and what he now finds there.

Not to be missed!

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