Eight Martinis – issue 19 – Ingo Swann – Penetrating the pyramids

eight Martinins Magazine Issue 19 November 2022

Ingo Swann – Penetrating the Pyramids

Issue 19 – November 2022.

Packed with interesting projects, reviews, research, examples and insights.
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  • Plummeting Down The Rabbit Hole: 1 Year Of Remote Viewing (PT1)
    James Webb
  • Teaching Controlled Remote Viewing in a medium security prison
    Melvin Morse MD
  • Psi Revolution via Blockchain
    Goro Adachi
  • 10 Takeaways From My First Year of Remote Viewing
    Josh ‘The Note Troll’ Maitland
  • Ingo Swann’s “Some considerations for remote viewing numbers”
    Jon Knowles
  • Some considerations for remote viewing numbers. In three parts.
    Ingo Swann
  • Ingo Swann – Penetrating the Pyramids of Giza
    Daz smith
  • Associative Remote Viewing: The Art and Science of Predicting Outcomes for Sports, Politics, Finances & the Lottery – Review
    David Harker

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