What does 8 martinis mean?


“What is an “eight-martini” result?
Well, this is an intelligence community in-house term for remote viewing data so good
that it cracks everyone’s realities. So they have to go out and drink eight martinis to recover”.
– Ingo Swann

The original quote and idea for the title of eight martinis came from a quote in an article by Ingo Swann. Back when the American Intel services used remote viewing for intelligence problems, frequently the results the remote viewers was so good that only eight martinis would help with the shock.

The thoughts behind eight martinis was to try and present the ongoing projects, thoughts, theories and achievements of the remote viewing community in an easy to read format.

We endevour to present remote viewing examples for the community, including full remote viewing sessions, links, media and much more to help spread the word and work that this exciting art form can help us intuitively create.