Eight Martinis – Issue 7

Eight Martinis Issue7Eight Martinis – Issue 7 – May 2012

*eight martinis is free to download but is also now available as a Full colour printed and delivered direct to your door, magazine. United States, Canada and the U.K. only. We make no money from the printing of the magazine – you pay for a copy to be digitally printed and sent direct to you.

This seventh issue of eight Martinis comes with 60 pages, packed with great articles on all aspects of remote viewing, links, news, theories and remote viewing examples. We have great articles in this Issue with comments on the Remote viewing protocols by Myself, Lyn Buchanan and PJ Gaenir in one article and a follow-up article with comments on the same subject form Joe McMoneagle. We also have a great interview with Joe and he even gave us a sample remoet viewing session to showcase.

I would like to thank all the contributors for their input this issue and  they are:

  • In Memory of Dan Chevalier – The RV Community
  • I Like the Way You Think – Lauren Kott
  • My Experiences With Telepathy And Clairvoyance Before They Were Called Remote Viewing, Part3 – Jean Millay, PhD
  • “Viewer 001” – An Interview with Joe McMoneagle – Daz Smith
  • RV Protocols – Part1 – Daz Smith, Lyn Buchanan & PJ Gaenir
  • RV Protocols – Part2 – Joe McMoneagle
  • What Was That Thing in the Sky Over Oakland, California in November 1896? – Jon Knowles
  • Viewing Through Flash Bang – Teresa Frisch
  • Joe McMoneagle – Remote Viewing Example Session
  • RV Notice Board
  • RV links and websites

We hope you enjoy this Issue and feel free to email us with and comments & feedback.

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