What is Remote Viewing?

‘What is remote Viewing?‘. I get asked this a lot  – so here is my best attempt to answer this question.

Remote viewing is a mental skill or ability whereby a person (know as a a remote viewer) can describe impressions of; sketch, and 3d model a target that is ‘remote’ from them and not available through their normal senses. Remote viewing is an intuitive ability related to being psychic, also known as ESP or PSI.

Remote Viewing is a psychic skill originally developed and utilized as an operational intelligence gathering tool for the United States Military and Intelligence services from 1972 – 1995 (23yrs). A January 1979 SECRET progress report from SRI (Stanford Research Institute) to the D.I.A describes Remote Viewing as:

Remote Viewing (RV) is the acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance or shielding, and generally believed to be secure against such access.

– SRI quarterly progress report for the DIA – Jan 10, 1979 – H.E. Puthoff, I. Swann, G. Langford

Remote viewing was created and developed primarily within science laboratory environments. This means that it was always attempted under strict controlled conditions for research purposes. Within this structure they developed ‘protocols’ that define what we call Remote Viewing today. Proper remote viewing is done within these strict science-based protocols of;

  1. The remote viewer is kept unwitting of either the nature or identity of the target until after the session is completed (BLIND).
  2. Remote Viewing Sessions are conducted in a setting that prevents knowledge of the target “leaking” to the viewer. These measures are important to insure that the viewer does not receive non verbal body language, hints or clues about the target in any way other than what would be considered “psychic.”
  3. The Remote Viewing data is recorded so that it can be later checked for accuracy.
  4. Feedback. The experiments have a level of feedback that allows the Remote Viewing data to be scored for accuracy.
  5. Remote Viewing is not spontaneous intuition and is always used within an arranged project with a set target and protocols.

Remote viewing is NOT used to give “psychic readings,” “tell fortunes” or other sorts of popular classical psychic activities of this nature, but is rather a means of doing serious scientific research and for performing operational tasks in criminal investigations, government intelligence work, commercial applications and alike.

Method or style:

Like most Martial Arts, remote viewing can be done in a number of different formats or ‘styles’, as long as its all done within the protocols (above). Most people follow or favor a method fashioned after or championed and used by the U.S. Military (CRV). More often than not called (CRV, TRV, TDS,) and so on.

How Remote Viewing was formed:

From 1972 – 1977 remote viewing in method or style was very new, experimental and rather adhoc and each remote viewing participant had their own way of getting  or seeing the data. Some Like Joe McMonegale still use a ‘personal’ method or style to this day. The U.S. Military wanted a transferable technology that could be taught and expanded so they tasked SRI with this effort.

From 1977 to 1986 Ingo Swann working as a consultant for SRI (Stanford research Institute) the second largest think tank used by the U.S. Government, was tasked in creating a replicable and teachable method of Remote Viewing. This he eventually Called Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV). CRV forms the basis of most of today’s modern remote viewing methods. This generally involves an unfolding and expanding of a six stage process which involves the recording subtle impressions through words, sketches and diagrams onto paper.

Ingo Swann under the help and experience of Hal Puthoff and the SRI team used himself and others as guinea pigs as they deconstructed his internal processing during an intuitive experience. Over these nine years they tested and analyzed a process created by Ingo (CRV) which he later went on to teach to a generation of Military/Intel remote viewers.

Learning the art of Remote Viewing is like training for a martial art – it takes a combination of natural ability and many years or practice and dedication to become both confident and competent. Remote Viewing isn’t how it sounds – like ‘viewing’ a clear movie of unfolding psychic impressions in your head. Remote Viewing is more like a mixture of very subtle senses and sensations; touch, sounds, smells, tastes and many more subtle impressions and feelings all working together to try to tell you what the target is. Remote Viewing is more like a gradual opening of an aperture or window to the target where each impression builds on the one before, slowly revealing the target to you as the aperture expands.

The Top Secret Military and intelligence Remote Viewing program more commonly known as Project Star Gate lasted 23 years (1972-1995). Initially created to combat an expanding USSR psychic spying program. During this time it went through continual oversight committees including independent scientific oversight, congressional oversight – yet it continuously managed to secure funding year on year for over 23 years. Still there are skeptics who claim it didn’t work. All you need to do is follow the money – programs like this cant pass oversight if results are not met – and clearly they were for over 23 years of funding and approval.

Remote Viewing has now grown into a Global civilian remote viewing community with the original military and intel remote viewers teaching this mental martial art, and so on with their students. There is also an expanding base of companies offering remote viewing services to paying clients.

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