8 martinis – issue 5

eight martinis issue 5 – June 2011

eight martinis - issue5 - click to downloadeight martinis is free to download but is  also now available as a Full colour printed and delivered direct to your door, magazine. United States, Canada and the U.K. only. We make no money from the printing of the magazine – you pay for a copy to be digitally printed and sent direct to you.


Issue 5 contains the following articles:

  • Linear thinking is useless in a nonlinear world – Teresa L. Frisch
  • My Experiences With Telepathy And Clairvoyance Before They Were Called Remote Viewing – Part 2 – By Jean Millay, PhD
  • How I Became a Remote Viewer – Robert J. Durant
  • The Impact of Personal Feedback – By Rick Hilleard
  • An Interview with Courtney Brown
  • Remote Viewing in France – by Hélène Pau & Alexis Champion
  • RV Notice Board
  • Remote Viewing websites & blogs


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