eight martinis issue 4 – August 2010

eight martinis - issue4 - click to download

Issue 4 contains the following articles:

  • Remote Viewing – hey guys what are we talking about?
  • Remote Viewing for skeptics – or the hazzard of pulling tricks.
  • My experiences with telepathy and clairvoyance before they were called Remote Viewing.
  • Quantum Consciousness, the way to reconcile Science & Spirituality.
  • Trailmarkers in the forest – results from two team ARV trials.
  • CRV & operational certification training – A comment on training.
  • IRVA Conference 2010 – Observations.
  • Free will in a precognitive predetermined world.
  • Ten things absolutely guaranteed to make you a better Psychic, Remote Viewer.
  • The 1973 Remote Viewing probe of the planet Jupiter.
  • Documented – The SRI Magnetometer experiments.
  • Remote Viewing websites & blogs.


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