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Eight Martinis – Remote Viewing magazine, Issue 9 out now!

eight-martinis-issue9Eight Martinis – Remote Viewing magazine is now in its ninth  issue (April 2013).
Available as a free download (pdf) or as a full colour printed magazine (printed to order).

This issue is packed with great insights, Remote Viewing examples and articles on a large range of Remote Viewing and PSI topics, including:

  • Ingo Swann – A True Renaissance man – Daz Smith with Recollections & Comments from Ingo’s Friends & Colleagues
  • Judging, Scoring and Feedback, There Are Problems – Lyn Buchanan
  • An Interview with Laith Muhammad, Parapsychologist, Iraqi Olympic Committee – Sandy Frost
  • Time Jumping – Lori Williams
  • Amelia – Remote Viewing Search for Amelia Earhart, Fred Noonan and the Electra – Angela Thompson Smith
  • Remote Viewing Mental Images As Targets – Zoltán Barta
  • Remote Viewing? Hey, Guys! what are we talking about? (Part 1& 2) – Ingo Swann (Dec 1995)
  • Corporate Remote Viewing – Willy De Maeyer & Gabriele Breyer
  • Greg Kolodziejzyk’s 13 Year Associative Remote Viewing experiment results – Greg Kolodziejzyk
  • How the Brain works in an RV Session
  • Manfred Jelinski
  • RV Notice Board
  • Remote Viewing Websites & Resources


We hope you enjoy this Issue and feel free to email us with and comments & feedback.

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eight martinis issue 6 – January 2012

eight martinis is free to download but is also now available as a Full colour printed and delivered direct to your door, magazine. United States, Canada and the U.K. only. We make no money from the printing of the magazine – you pay for a copy to be digitally printed and sent direct to you.

The sixth issue of eight Martinis comes in 52 pages, packed with great articles on all aspects of remote viewing, links, news, theories and remote viewing examples.

I would like to thank the contributors and this issue they are:

  •     I Always Expect the ESP Inquisition – Greg Taylor
  •     Co-ordinate Information – Why Distortions Occur – By Rev. Nita Hickok
  •     Fatima, Remote Viewing & the ESP Connection – Tunde Atunrase
  •     ERV – Float Room Experiment  – Sandra Hilleard
  •     Is NSA in the Psychic Spy Business? – Gary S. Bekkum
  •     Jesus, Judas and the Crucifixion Ruse – Courtney Brown
  •     Ten Thousand Roads – Benton Bogle
  •     Catching Up with Joe McMoneagle – Sandy Frost
  •     Interview With Daz Smith – Remote Viewer – PJ Gaenir
  •     RV Notice Board
  •     Remote Viewing Websites