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eight martinis remote viewing magazine- issue 11

eight martinis issue11eight martinis issue 11 Eight Martinis – Remote Viewing magazine is now in its eleventh issue (May 2014). Available as a free download (pdf) or as a full color printed magazine (printed to order). This issue is packed with great insights, Remote Viewing examples and articles on a large range of Remote Viewing and ESP topics, including:

  • Scientific Study Shows Meditators Collapsing Quantum Systems At A Distance – by Arjun Walia
  • Shocking Discoveries Made: Studies Confirm The Reality Of Remote Viewing – by Arjun Walia
  • Blind, Double Blind & Triple Blind – by Lyn Buchanan
  • Remote Viewing Meets the Mystery of Oak Island – by Jon Knowles
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza – A Standard Verifiable Target with Unexpected Esoteric Content – by Courtney Brown Ph.D.
  • The Ring Anomalies of Saturn – Frontloading, “High Strangeness”, and Current Feedback – By Angela T Smith Ph.D.
  • World – Building – Sand In Playground, Clinic, Gray Room – by Dr. David Shaver, N.C.Psy.A.
  • Remote Viewing Vs Telepathic Overlay – by Ingo Swann, (biomindsuperpowers.com)
  • RV Notice Board
  • Remote Viewing Websites & Resources

Click here to download a free copy or order a full color printed maagzine.