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eight martinis issue 6 – January 2012

eight martinis is free to download but is also now available as a Full colour printed and delivered direct to your door, magazine. United States, Canada and the U.K. only. We make no money from the printing of the magazine – you pay for a copy to be digitally printed and sent direct to you.

The sixth issue of eight Martinis comes in 52 pages, packed with great articles on all aspects of remote viewing, links, news, theories and remote viewing examples.

I would like to thank the contributors and this issue they are:

  •     I Always Expect the ESP Inquisition – Greg Taylor
  •     Co-ordinate Information – Why Distortions Occur – By Rev. Nita Hickok
  •     Fatima, Remote Viewing & the ESP Connection – Tunde Atunrase
  •     ERV – Float Room Experiment  – Sandra Hilleard
  •     Is NSA in the Psychic Spy Business? – Gary S. Bekkum
  •     Jesus, Judas and the Crucifixion Ruse – Courtney Brown
  •     Ten Thousand Roads – Benton Bogle
  •     Catching Up with Joe McMoneagle – Sandy Frost
  •     Interview With Daz Smith – Remote Viewer – PJ Gaenir
  •     RV Notice Board
  •     Remote Viewing Websites

eight martinis issue 5 – June 2011

Issue 5 contains the following articles:

  • Linear thinking is useless in a nonlinear world – Teresa L. Frisch
  • My Experiences With Telepathy And Clairvoyance Before They Were Called Remote Viewing – Part 2 – By Jean Millay, PhD
  • How I Became a Remote Viewer – Robert J. Durant
  • The Impact of Personal Feedback – By Rick Hilleard
  • An Interview with Courtney Brown
  • Remote Viewing in France – by Hélène Pau & Alexis Champion
  • RV Notice Board
  • Remote Viewing websites & blogs


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eight martinis issue 4 – August 2010

eight martinis - issue4 - click to download

Issue 4 contains the following articles:

  • Remote Viewing – hey guys what are we talking about?
  • Remote Viewing for skeptics – or the hazzard of pulling tricks.
  • My experiences with telepathy and clairvoyance before they were called Remote Viewing.
  • Quantum Consciousness, the way to reconcile Science & Spirituality.
  • Trailmarkers in the forest – results from two team ARV trials.
  • CRV & operational certification training – A comment on training.
  • IRVA Conference 2010 – Observations.
  • Free will in a precognitive predetermined world.
  • Ten things absolutely guaranteed to make you a better Psychic, Remote Viewer.
  • The 1973 Remote Viewing probe of the planet Jupiter.
  • Documented – The SRI Magnetometer experiments.
  • Remote Viewing websites & blogs.


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eight martinis issue 3 – March 2010

eight martinis - issue3 - click to download

Issue 3 contains the following articles:

  • Searching…
  • The Role of Sketching in Remote Viewing.
  • Remote Viewing Processes and Layers of Meaning.
  • A Remote Viewing Experiment.
  • Frontloading and Throughput in Remote Viewing.
  • The Road Ahead.
  • The Cassandra Syndrome.
  • Remote Viewing & Project Stargate; An interview with Lyn Buchanan.
  • Remote Viewing Websites & blogs.
  • Ah, the Wonderous Joy of Doing Demo Sessions.
  • Remote Viewing Documents: The DIA Grill Flame Report – January 1983.

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eight martinis issue 2 – July 2009

eight martinis issue2 - click to download

Issue: 2 contains the following articles:

  • p-Teleportation
  • CRV: Identifying accuracy during a session
  • Remote Viewing from the Perspective of “Embodied Mind” Part 2
  • The Missing – Remote Viewers and law enforcement working together
  • Ethics in C/RV – part2
  • A Neuropsychological approach to the study of Psi
  • Do you know RV? – Crossword – answers
  • Arson – psychic manhunt for an arsonist
  • Remote viewing outcomes for fun & profit
  • Remote Viewing websites & blogs

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eight martinis issue 1 – March 2009

eight martinis issue1 - click to downloadIssue: 1 contains the following articles:

  • Prediction and Multiple Universes.
  • CRV: From Tool to Application.
  • Remote Viewing from the Perspective of “Embodied Mind”.
  • Remote Viewing – So What’s new?
  • Ethics in C/RV.
  • Sharing Experiences.
  • Do you know RV? – Crossword.
  • What is the Matrix?
  • TDS Remote Viewing from Jesus to JFK.
  • Medical Remote Viewing.
  • Remote Viewing Blogs.
  • Remote Viewing websites

Please note: A full color printed version of this Issue has not been created.

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